Stewarding Tomorrow, Today

A sustainable system for oil and gas investment

Operating System

Engineered to accelerate success

We seek to improve inefficiencies within the oil and gas industry, vertically, and we empower our operators to deliver exceptional outcomes; enabling our field teams to do what they do best– steward and produce effectively and efficiently.

Unique Investing Environment

Unique investing environment

Tomorrow Fund's model is different. We prioritize efficiency within our framework, and our entrepreneurial environment enables our general partners to drive exceptional outcomes. We seek to accelerate existing success by providing expert resources and technology. All of this occurs within a robust risk management framework that is transparent to our limited partners and tailored to institutional investors and their strategies.


average years of individual, relevant experience by members of our executive team

Constant Evolution

Constant evolution

Consistency doesn’t come easily. Delivering high-quality returns requires unyielding focus, continually adapting to dynamic conditions and actively pursuing market opportunities. In seeking to achieve this, we invest significantly in technology and infrastructure and bring together diverse perspectives and approaches.


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Extraordinary Reach

Extraordinary reach

Tomorrow Fund general partners have a deep history in the oil and gas and financial industries, with thousands of successful operations completed worldwide. By operating at scale, our people are positioned to solve complex challenges on a global level.


countries of successful projects completed, onshore and offshore, by tomorrow fund partners


workovers, wells drilled, and completed, by tomorrow fund partners

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Evolution and endurance

Our Fund

An emerging global leader

Tomorrow Fund is an oil and gas asset manager built on sophisticated operating systems defined by efficiency, profitability, safety, and sustainability - a model that promises to remediate and improve oil and gas assets by reducing waste, implementing effective and efficient processes, and empowering innovative teams to eliminate inefficiencies.Tomorrow Fund's differentiators enhance operational efficiency and bolster profits, while concurrently underpinning our robust commitment to the environment, to social responsibility, and to governance.We are Stewarding Tomorrow, Today; bridging the gap to a renewable energy future.

Our Primary Strategies:

Optimizing Capital Expenditure

Our teams manage a number of different strategies with our assets including minimizing unnecessary capex, process improvement, and digitization.

Sustainable Operations

We believe the environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities are part of a vital consideration in the selection of both public and private market investment opportunities. We are committed to selecting partners to build sustainable companies and contribute to social development, deliver value to our Limited Partners, and contribute to minimal long-term effect on the environment globally.

Well-Life Extension

Our teams perform incisive research on assets, both as generalists and as specialists within a particular sector or sub-sector. Our operators have the proven ability to extend well-life through unique insight derived from quantitative analysis and decades of production technique optimization.

Delta Neutral

The successes of our investment and business processes do not require upward trends in commodity price. Our processes have, historically, generated alpha through bullish and bearish commodity price cycles.


Driven by independence, sustained by discipline

At Tomorrow Fund, our mission is clear– to deliver the industry’s highest quality returns to our investors while maintaining a commitment to our principles of integrity, discipline, and excellence.


We operate with clarity of purpose, striving to maintain alignment with our investors with the expectation that our people will conduct themselves with professionalism and respect for our core values.


Managing risk is at the core of what we do. We take a purposeful and thoughtful approach in both our investment and operational activities, pursuing new opportunities rigorously, pragmatically, and with an eye towards maintaining a standard of excellence.


We believe in constantly improving how we operate: striving to develop leading talent, resources, and processes.

Investment Approach

Thorough and deliberate

While Tomorrow Fund is constantly evolving, our core philosophy remains unchanged. Our process is driven by industry experts with a legacy of success. Our teams identify and pursue opportunities according to their specialties and within a risk framework tailored to their strategies. With this approach, we seek to provide a level of consistency that is difficult to replicate.


Our Offices


325 N. Saint Paul St
Dallas, Texas


30 North Gould Street
Sheridan, Wyoming

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Executive Team

Jerry Jackson

Chief Executive Officer

Joe Schindler

Senior Vice President, Business Development: Acquisitions, Divestures, and Geology

Chris Harder


Phil Geaslen

Senior Vice President, Operations and Drilling

Dwayne Purvis

Director, Reservoir Engineering and Economics

Hunter Watts

Chief Investment Officer, Global Head of Investor Relations

Montasser Khelifi

Senior Vice President, Investor Relations, MENA Region

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the size of the company?
    Tomorrow Fund has $1.04B AUM, 02/16/2024

  • How long are the investment terms?
    5-10 Years

  • What is the minimum investment?
    Minimum required investment varies by offering, and generally lies between $500,000.00 and $30,000,000.00

  • What are the associated fees?
    a. Asset Management Fee
    b. Carried Interest

  • Will investment performance be audited?
    a. Investment performance is audited regularly by Ernst & Young (EY).
    b. The audit results are overseen by an external, executive advisory board. Members of the board have previously held executive or director positions for BP, the Federal Reserve System, and others, demonstrating a proven history of high-level finance and investment sophistication.

  • What is the fund's view on ESG Compliance?
    The fund is committed to achieving a zero-waste environment, while strongly embracing ESG framework and DEI mandates- complete with strong Environmental, Social, and Governance policies. Tomorrow Fund is committed to strict adherence to all relevant U.S. regulations, including United States Federal Clean Air Act (CAA), Federal Clean Water Act (CWA), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Guidelines, Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Guidelines, and the Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR).

  • Tomorrow Fund is an emerging manager, do the general partners have Acquisitions & Divestitures experience?
    Yes, the general partners have closed over $15B in Acquisitions & Divestitures transactions, resulting in significant alpha generation in investment portfolios for financial institutions and “super major” exploration and production companies.